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Flirt Creative / Showcase

TSS Group

Guiding International recruitment candidates and sponsors through the process online


Improve brand experience
Increase brand awareness
Increase qualified database
Increase referral lead generation


Targeted Staffing Solutions has established a reputation as a proactive organisation with a focus on efficiency and reliability. Flirt Group designed and developed an attractive website that allows both candidates and potential employers to find the information they are looking for quickly and effectively. The solution includes hosting, support and an online prequalification form for potential candidates so that TSS Group staff can easily assess a potential applicants suitability for International recruitment. The TSS Group website also features a simple to use content management system allowing TSS Group staff to easily update website content quickly and easily with minimal training.


Increased sales
Improved search engine ranking
Increased qualified database
Improved content management

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Industry : Professional

Scope : Creative Direction,Graphic Design,Strategic Marketing,Online Strategy,Website Design,Search Engine Marketing,Email Marketing,Web Applications,Animation,Web Hosting