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Flirt Creative / Showcase


Brand Development


Re-align brand positioning
Strengthen competitive differentiation
Increase sales
Improve brand experience
Increase brand awareness


Understand the market, use the knowledge to find clarity, positioning and focus for the Crust brand.
Define the unique value proposition
Re-align the brand to effectively position, communicate, and differentiate effectively, timelessly and cost effectively.


Improved store traffic
Increased client retention/loyalty
Increased franchisee enquiry
Allowed for product price increase
Improved brand consistency across all marketing touch points

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Industry : Health & Lifestyle

Scope : Creative Direction,Graphic Design,Brand Strategy,Brand Design,Retail Design,Online Strategy,Website Design,Media Strategy,Media Relations,Public Relations


“Love the brand direction, strong, bold and adaptable, its perfect for the future of Crust."

Michael Logos
Managing Director